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DELIQ was created in 2016 by Marcos Garcia, who after more than 2 decades within the bridal fashion industry decides to start this project with a clear purpose: to make each bride feel special and comfortable on one of the most special days of their live.

En DELIQ we specialize in the design and production of bridal accessories, hand crafted in our Madrid workshop, using the highest quality fabrics and laces with the utmost attention to detail.

We want DELIQ to be the perfect accompaniment on your weddding day.


DELIQ created the first slim-fit underskirts that adapts perfectly to your body, making you feel comfortable and elegant on such a special d...


DELIQ select the best tulles and trims for you so that nothing is missing on your wedding day. ...

Holy Communion

Using the same quality and care as in our bridal range, we create our Holy comunion underskirts, because the little ones are also worth it ...